Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Taking Our Team Pictures

        On Friday we went to the Pakuranga Rugby League clubrooms to take our team pictures. We went too early so we played around for an hour and a half. We played tag other kids for ages. When we got bored we went into the clubrooms and had a rest. 5 minutes later it was our turn to have our picture taken.Most of the girls in my netball team were putting lipstick on. The man who took the pictures seated us. When he was ready he told us to SMILE. He took about 6 pictures. When the flash went off my eyes kept closing. I don’t like getting my picture taken! :]


  1. Hi Miria I enjoyed your writing about taking team pics.SPECTACULAR!

  2. Thank you Simon, have you ever been to the Pakuranga Jaguars club rooms? Do you like taking team photos?